Gordon Meade reads poems from his work, "Zoospeak"

Room 203 - Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació, Universitat de València
Gordon Meade reads poems from his work, "Zoospeak"
Start: 5/14/24 5:30 PM
End: 5/14/24 7:00 PM


Scottish poet Gordon Meade will read a selection of poems from his collection Zoospeak (2020), a work that revolves around the subject of nonhuman animals and features images by photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur. The reading and discussion of the poems is part of the teaching innovation project "Animal Ethics in Literature: A Proposal and Exploration of New Teaching Methodologies" (PIEE 2729341). The activity is organized by Dr. Miguel Teruel Pozas, Associate Professor at the Department of English and German and a member of the project. Mr. Meade will be reading his poems online for the students and attending audience in room 203 of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication.